Thursday, January 18, 2018

A new project to build a healthy community

Over four years ago, Concordia Humana embarked on its first venture to directly aid those in need.
Hoping to grow beyond our original role of collecting funds and supplies to pass on to other organizations, we chose to build a solar powered well for an Ethiopian community, securing reliable access to clean water and catalyzing the self-development of Ganda Boya. That well is now built, and we have spent the last several months determining what and where our next project will be. We decided to continue our focus on small-scale infrastructure with a large impact on community health by improving the medical waste management process at a hospital in Douala, Cameroon. While we have preliminary information on how the current process works and how it can be improved, in the coming months some of us will personally visit the site so that we, along with our partners at the hospital, can determine the point of intervention that will most efficiently improve the safe handling of medical waste and enable the community to make further improvements in the future. Stay tuned to hear more about the process and possible points of improvement.

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